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EV ready is a certificate from the Renault-Nissan brands. When charging up its electric cars. EV ready certificates guarantee several more strict rules which provide more security for operation and for personal protection. e.g Those stations which are approved as EV Ready solution cannot rule out DC residual currents above 6mA. Therefore, for safety and warranty reasons, Renault and Nissan has defined its own standards that charging stations must meet before they can charge its electric cars.

EV Ready process that takes into account both the product as its installation

EV READY is a Certification system that provides an answer to the questions of Interoperability, Security and Performance for Electrical and Hybrid Rechargeable Vehicles (EV) Charging Station.
Born under the lead of Automobile Manufacturers Renault-Nissan. EV READY Mark is the result of a technical quality work done at numerous workshops with representatives of the all the players in this industry (vehicle manufacturer, Charging station manufacturer, installer, operator, utilities, network, standardization organization, third party laboratory...)