RCD 'A' or 'B' is mandatory

Main function
Brief info
Personal protection against electric shocks
Application for
Private, Semi-public, Public

A residual current device (RCD) is used to protect people from electric shocks. Standards define that using of RCD is mandatory for electric vehicle charging stations.

RCD type A

All stations which have DC leakage protection feature can connect to the electricity grid via RCD type A residual current device.
Integrated DC leakage protection eliminates the need for an expensive upstream RCD type B
Moreover integrated DC leakage protection presents more safety for persons.

RCD type B

For safety reason Type B RCD has to be installed on those stations which do not have own DC leakage protection.


Always consider during investment calculation all additional costs which are mandatory for safety.

Compare the cost of:

  • Integrated DC leakage protection and RCD Type A
  • Station without DC leakage protection and RCD Type B