DC leakage protection

Main function
Brief info
Personal protection against faulty charging situation generated by electric car
Application for
Private, Semi-public, Public

DC leakage protection is a mandatory protection function which has to be established for all charging point.
Direct current (DC) can appear on own electricity system at home caused by a faulty electric car. This is very dangerous situation because direct current can block personal protections against electric shocks, can damage electric devices in the house.

Mandatory protection

The actual standard for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles requires DC fault current detection.
This requirement can be fulfilled with an upstream RCD Type B (which is very expensive) or as in the case of integrated DC leakage protection in charging station an upstream RCD Type A can be used for. The integrated DC leakage detection has a significant impact to reduce the total costs per charge point.

Compare the cost of:

  • Integrated DC leakage protection and RCD Type A
  • Station without DC leakage protection and RCD Type B