RFID authorization

Main function
Brief info
RFID card is used for touchless authorization of a user
Application for
Private, Semi-public, Public

You can use RFID to protect your charging station against unauthorized access.
Electric car drivers can use an RFID card to identify themselves when connecting to the charging station. The charging process only begins once the user has been verified.

RFID authorization methods

Offline whitelist of users
RFID cards identity numbers are stored in each charging stations. There isn't necessary any network connections, only user authentification done by their RFID compatible card.
This identification method ideal for semi-public areas where known users can use the station.

OCPP authentification of users
This identification method can support more complex authorization processes like OCPP billing service.
There isn't necessary to know each other the charging provider and the electric car owner if they are registered at any independent OCPP service provider. OCPP service provider, who storing electric car owner RFID unique number, during a charging request by the car, doing the authorization automatically via internet.